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PA School Application Timeline

Guide for PA School Application Timeline

Before you can get into PA school, you first have to conquer the application process. Schools and universities have strict requirements for their applicants to ensure that they get the best students for their respective PA programs. You have to make sure that you’re meeting all the requirements and that you are prepared for the application process ahead of you.

To help you with your preparation, we compile the whole PA school application timeline, including tips on what you need to do as early as 1 year before the culmination of the PA program.


As early as one year before the beginning of the PA school year, you should already be preparing the requirements for your application. At this point, make sure you’ve:

  • Completed your course prerequisites
  • Completed work experience or internship hours (minimum of 500 hours)
  • Researched PA schools you want to get into
  • Created your resume
  • Prepared your finances or researched scholarships and money grants

You will also need to create your CASPA account and learn how to navigate the website to ensure a seamless application process. Take some time to read the CASPA FAQ page and GPA calculator. Learning how the website and application process works early on can help you avoid difficulties when it’s time to apply.


Ask your prior teachers, faculty members, and supervising PAs for recommendation letters. Get 3-5 individual letters from different people.

Apply for the GRE if the school of your choice requires it. The GRE takes place in winter or early spring.

Shadow a PA or obtain patient-contact, community service, or research jobs.


Write your personal statement. Make sure you’re being honest and sharing why you want to become a PA.

Create a list of schools and PA programs that you want to apply to.

Retrieve your completed recommendation letters.

Download your CASPA transcript request form and order your transcript of records from your previous colleges or universities.

Organize your work experience. Make sure you have all the details, including your position, dates in the position, number of hours served, contact details of your supervisor, and a description of your roles and responsibilities.


April 2021 is when things will start getting busy for you. The CASPA applications open in late April, which is also the time when the GRE takes place. Make sure you take note of all your schedules, appointments, and exams so that you don’t miss any important dates. It’s recommended that you take your GRE early on in order to avoid delaying your PA school application.

Before sending in your CASPA application, make sure you’re complete with all your requirements. Make it a goal to submit early — ideally, by the end of May 2021. Aside from your CASPA application, some PA programs also require supplemental applications.

Upon submitting your CASPA application, you can expect a verification email within 7 to 14 days. If you don’t receive an email within the said period, check your CASPA account for any additional materials or missing information that you have to provide. Contact the program to confirm.

JUNE 2021-AUGUST 2021

Some schools begin calling applicants in for interviews as early as June to August. By this time, you should be ready to attend a panel discussion with your chosen school’s faculty. Remember to set reminders for your interview dates, especially if you’ve been called to attend several schedules in different schools.


After your interviews, you will receive a decision from the PA program you applied to anytime between September to December 2021. While waiting, stay in contact with the schools and start looking for scholarship grants that you may be eligible for.

If you receive acceptance letters from several colleges or universities, you have to make the decision about where you want to attend. Make sure to politely inform the other schools that you will be pursuing your PA education elsewhere.


Depending on the PA school you have chosen to enroll in, you can expect your first semester to begin anywhere from May to August 2022. Some PA programs can start as early as January 2022. Your acceptance letter should provide the specific start date of your program, but if you need more information or verification, don’t hesitate to contact the school or university you will be attending.